Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Tours

Once a year we offer a DHR Rail tour for DHR fans to experience Steam Trains and sip Steaming cups of Darjeeling Tea. The tours include Steam  & Diesel Train rides on the DHR, Tram and Metro rides in Calcutta, museum visits etc.  The tours are held in our winter months between January and February. We only offer accomodations for 10 guests per tour.

Visit The Queen of Hills, now a UNESCO world heritage site !!

Highlights of our DHR Tours:

  • Chartered Steam train rides on the DHR
  • Diesel train rides on the DHR
  • Tram rides in Calcutta
  • Metro rides in Calcutta
  • River cruise on the Hoogly
  • Overnight train journeys onboard the famous Darjeeling Mail
  • Visit to DHR & ER Museums of the Indian Railway
  • Our guests are each gifted with handbuilt brass railway models

Book yourself on the January-February 2014Darjeeling Himalayan Rail Tour. Download pdf copy of proposed itinerary here or Contact us for further information.

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